Access the tracks linked to a Mixtape card quickly and easily

Scan the QR code on a Mixtape card to add tracks to the app's built-in music player.

Listen, download or purchase tracks and entire playlists

Control how you enjoy music linked to your Mixtape cards for a truly personalized experience.

Build a collection of unique memorabilia from your favorite musical acts

Mixtapes are always limited edition - designed to let real fans stand out from the crowd!

For Artists

Technology-enabled fan merchandise that adds a new revenue stream to fuel your music

Customizable Mixtape cards that can be designed to your specifications

A powerful new channel for sharing exclusive music with your fanbase

A brand new revenue stream to supplement all the other good work that you do

Control how your music is consumed by making it available for download, purchase or streaming

Monitor the popularity of individual tracks via your own metrics dashboard

Commission a branded version of our app to deliver an immersive experience to your fans